McDonald's Moraberg Shopping

McDonalds Södertälje Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

I Södertälje är McDonald’s ett populärt val för en snabb och välsmakande måltid. McDonalds Södertälje erbjuder klassiska snabbmatsalternativ som hamburgare, pommes frites och shakes, vilket gör det till en favorit bland både lokalbefolkningen och besökare. Med flera restauranger i staden är McDonald’s Södertälje lättillgängligt, vilket ger en smak av det välbekanta amerikanska köket i detta livliga stadsområde.

Låt oss nu utforska vad du kan hitta på menyn hos McDonald’s Södertälje. De erbjuder ikoniska rätter som Big Mac med sin specialsås, den krispiga McCrispy kycklingmackan och den smakrika Filet-O-Fish för fisk- och skaldjursentusiaster. Och för dem som letar efter frukostalternativ, missa inte Mighty McMuffin. Med ett sådant utbud av goda alternativ garanterar McDonald’s Södertälje en trevlig måltid för alla gäster.

McDonalds Södertälje Meny

Södertälje McDonalds Meny

Södertälje McDonalds Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Moraberg Shopping

Address: Klastorpsvägen 4, 152 42 Södertälje, Sweden

McDonald's Moraberg Shopping

McDonald’s Södertälje Mariekälla

Address: Genetaleden 35, 151 44 Södertälje, Sweden

McDonald's Södertälje Mariekälla

McDonald’s Södertälje Recensioner

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Matthias TidlundMatthias Tidlund
19:03 22 Jan 24
Good when you have kids and need something to eat quickly. They have an indoor playroom with two floors to climb through. Parents won't fit inside to follow the children if needed.
Danila AncipanovsDanila Ancipanovs
02:51 05 Jan 24
We had a high van, drove 9 hours to Stockholm, got hungry, decided to eat fast food👎. The internet says that eating inside is allowed, it was 3 am. We could not take from the transport, because we were used to the height of the entrance to the service desk on the street. We walk in and at the beginning the cashier starts shouting at us to leave, we tried to explain to him in accessible language, but that side is completely dumbed down🥲...In the end, the cashier refused to serve us, although the other one behind the stove did not mind👍. He stood there and did not offer us anything, he did not say why he could not, he only said, please get out, it looked as if he was afraid of us. We wouldn't be outraged if it said you couldn't eat inside, but just the opposite, it says you can and the second employee said come in. In any case, we wanted to order with us, because we were 7 people, I consider only about the profit of the restaurant, but when such inadequates work, it becomes sad. I think that the cashier is not a qualified worker, besides with bad English. (He is not Swedish) We went hungry and disappointed.
Siddharth swamySiddharth swamy
02:02 21 Dec 23
Very pathetic drive away experience in the early morning hours. There was only my car in the lane and made me wait 25 minutes after taking order and later told me that the system is not working.
Nikita GureevNikita Gureev
07:09 01 Aug 23
We had breakfast there. The food was good and I really enjoyed McMuffin (to my surprise). The restaurant is new but it is not well maintained so as the area around. All waste bins were full with garbage around them.
16:08 28 Jul 23
Extremely dirty and food/trash laying on the tables and floor (plus the toilet was not cleaned/clogged).
Usman AhmedUsman Ahmed
13:31 11 Jan 24
Good for quick stop and snacks. Staff good and helping
Saftar AlievSaftar Aliev
21:28 23 Nov 23
the service is the most terrible, and this is not the first time, today I arrived by car to order food for myself at 22:09 there was no one at station number 2, but at station number 1 there were 2 cars that arrived earlier, the employee switched to I wanted to take the order, I told her that I was 3rd in line, after me another car arrived at station 1 and the employee took it from him, and the reason was explained that, sorry, we changed the employee, and this is not the first time, it was in This restaurant does not comply with chain standards
Hasan AzezaHasan Azeza
09:43 11 Apr 23
This Mcdonald’s does not have any hygiene in their menus…No wonder what the back kitchen looks like if the seating and front area is such a mess
Elena LytvynovaElena Lytvynova
16:13 26 Sep 22
Worst Macdo in townFirst time you think it is bad luck, but third and fourth you finally understand - no, it is usual situation for this particulare restaurant. The fries are always cold and old, humburgers are cold and crooked. Salad in burgers is very old, so old that it is a huge shame to put it into food, it should just go to garbage.The restaurant is always very dirty - floor, tables, chairs. Never seen there a person to clean.Not recommend this place for visit. Or just go there to see the worst Macdo in Sweden.
Mohammed M MassalayMohammed M Massalay
13:21 15 May 21
It is a nice place. I order from my car, but there is a nice place outside for sitting. They also have indoor sit as well. I order a burger, Pepsi and coffee during my last visit.

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