McDonald's Polhemsgatan 6

Kalmar McDonalds Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

I den charmiga staden Kalmar är McDonald’s ett populärt val för en snabb och välsmakande måltid. McDonald’s Kalmar erbjuder klassiska snabbmatsalternativ som hamburgare, pommes frites och shakes, vilket gör det till en favorit bland lokalbefolkningen och turister. McDonald’s Kalmar har flera försäljningsställen runt om i staden och är lätt att hitta, vilket ger en välbekant smak av det amerikanska köket i detta livliga stadsområde.

Låt oss nu ta en närmare titt på vad du kan hitta på menyn hos McDonald’s Kalmar. De erbjuder ikoniska rätter som Big Mac med sin specialsås, den krispiga McCrispy-kycklingsmörgåsen och den smakrika Filet-O-Fish för fisk- och skaldjursentusiaster. Och om du är ute efter frukost ska du prova Mighty McMuffin. Med en sådan mängd olika smakrika alternativ har McDonald’s Kalmar något gott för alla att njuta av. Nyfiken på när du ska besöka Kalmar McDonalds och för säljningsställen? Kolla in våra detaljerade öppettide planera för din nästa härliga måltid.

McDonalds Kalmar Meny

McDonalds Kalmar Meny

Kalmar McDonalds Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Polhemsgatan 6

Address: Polhemsgatan 6, 392 39 Kalmar, Sweden

McDonald's Polhemsgatan 6

McDonalds Kalmar Baronen

Address: Skeppsbrogatan 12, 392 31 Kalmar

McDonald's Baronen

Mcdonalds Kalmar Recensioner

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Boris FilipovićBoris Filipović
07:21 11 Nov 23
Nice,clean,fast service...
14:41 07 Aug 23
I went through the drive thru at around brunch time and the service was really nice and quick.the food was good quality & I really loved the Mango Passion Milkskake - would highly recommend!
I have been going to this chain of establishments for many years but have never been so disappointed ... When ordering my favorite milkshake drink, I was served a very diluted mixture that could not be correlated with the original drink.
Gregers Wacher HansenGregers Wacher Hansen
13:40 31 Dec 22
Friendly staff. Nice and clean restaurant. Ordering is easy on one of their many self serve kiosks. Ordered food delivered to table through app. Burger tasted good but the fries was soggy and not quite right.
P scottP scott
09:06 12 Sep 17
food can be good, as for the place its not so clean.once they forget to add the cheddar dip, on drive through. But 5 statrs that they gave it to me next time im been there, when i told them.
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Alexandre OttoveggioAlexandre Ottoveggio
12:14 17 Sep 23
Very disappointed I called the manager to apply for a job she cut off the phone because I was not speaking Swedish, she forgot Macdonald is an American company but that's what's happens around here when you don t speak Swedish ,pathetic
19:54 21 Jul 23
The lowest quality of food, everything was so dry and felt like you ate plastic. But the atmosphere in the restaurant was nice and friendly and it was clean.
Samir BajraktarevicSamir Bajraktarevic
15:51 19 Jul 21
Not impressed. Better go to Oskarshamn McDonalds. Very crowded. The waiting time is long, the staff is forgetting orders and replacing it randomly. Well if you are in a hurry than go knock yourself here. This is just a honest review. They do have nice parking which is free. Toilets are free and clean. Wifi is active and free. That pretty much sums up everything.
13:00 17 Apr 20
In queue for 12 minutes to place an order, but nobody of their staff acknowledged my presence. Had enough of waiting so I left, pathetic service. The females cared more about their appearance than an actual potential customer. Sad.
Julia WitkowskaJulia Witkowska
11:51 05 Jun 19
Like any other updated McDonald's restaurant. Order digitaly, pay with cash or card, you can even get your food served at your table if you want. It's also well located, in the middle of the shopping center, so it's pretty convenient if your hungry and want to nip down for some food.

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