McDonald's Fålhagsleden 73

McDonalds Uppsala Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

Välkommen till McDonald’s i Uppsala. Det är ett favoritställe för många eftersom det är lätt att hitta och maten smakar bra. McDonalds Uppsala är ett bra val om du vill ha en snabb måltid eller är på besök i Stockholm och vill ha något bekant att äta. De serverar en blandning av amerikansk mat med en svensk touch, vilket gör det populärt bland lokalbefolkningen och turister.

Låt oss nu prata om den smaskiga maten du kan få på McDonald’s Uppsala. Jag fick all denna information från officiella McDonald’s-källor, så du vet att den är korrekt. De har berömda saker som Big Mac med sin specialsås och två biffar, den krispiga McCrispy kycklingmackan, den goda Filet-O-Fish och den fylliga Mighty McMuffin till frukost. Detta är bara några av de goda alternativ som väntar på dig på McDonald’s Uppsala. Nyfiken på när du ska besöka Uppsala och försäljningsställen? Kolla in våra detaljerade öppettide planera för din nästa härliga måltid

McDonalds Uppsala Meny

McDonalds Uppsala Meny

McDonald Uppsala Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s  Årstagatan

Address: Årstagatan 1-3, 754 34 Uppsala

McDonald's  Årstagatan

McDonald’s Uppsala Gränby

Address: Takpannegatan 33, 754 60 Uppsala

McDonald's Uppsala Gränby

McDonald’s Fålhagsleden 73

Address: Fålhagsleden 73, 754 48 Uppsala

McDonald's Fålhagsleden 73

Ronald Mcdonald Hus Uppsala

Address: Blåsenhusgatan 6, 752 37 Uppsala

ronald mcdonald uppsala

Uppsala Mcdonalds Reviews

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Shoaib AwilShoaib Awil
07:48 14 May 24
I ordered a food and asked cup of water , and they asked to buy , what the heck is that, I can understand, if u don’t order nothing, u may pay they water , but as guest , who ordered food , shouldn’t buy , for water.
21:47 13 May 24
Does not accept "large bills". Can't pay an order of SEK 400 with a SEK 500 note because they don't accept it.
Sabina BukinaSabina Bukina
10:12 05 May 24
Hemoon LeghariHemoon Leghari
17:16 03 May 24
Great people with great service
Eriq GislasonEriq Gislason
06:41 02 May 24
Ammar SAmmar S
07:17 13 Mar 24
Pedram FarzinPedram Farzin
05:45 05 Mar 24
Anders HöijerAnders Höijer
15:44 03 Mar 24
Erik GislasonErik Gislason
13:27 01 Mar 24
Daniel GebremikielDaniel Gebremikiel
07:22 21 Feb 24
Nindi SroyeNindi Sroye
20:46 18 Feb 24
Their employees are very good
Oksana NykonOksana Nykon
18:30 26 Jan 24
Very dirty toilets, staff in no hurry. You have to wait a long time for your order.
Matilda MankinenMatilda Mankinen
10:41 06 Jul 23
My mango milkshake wasn’t a milkshake. It was just mango juice. It was a takeaway so I didn’t have time to do a reclamation. Now I can’t drink it and I lost 32 kronor. 🥭🥤💸🙄😭
Nadim SaniNadim Sani
14:00 28 Dec 22
This is probably the worst McDonald's that I have ever eaten in Sweden. Slow service. Cold food. Not enough staff and too much emphasis put on food delivery orders for Foodora instead of customers actually waiting in the restaurant itself. Need to look at employing more staff and quickness that food to customers in restaurant. Won't use this particular McDonald's ever again
Best place for a small or medium non alocoholic party 😶🤓😎
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Kateryna KostykKateryna Kostyk
17:49 02 Mar 24
Nyberg EvelinaNyberg Evelina
18:53 29 Feb 24
Raw meat in mctasty. Nice to come home very hungry and then the roommate takes a bite of this
Gustav BermingGustav Berming
00:00 28 Feb 24
R LindR Lind
19:39 27 Feb 24
Hamburger hooks in general probably have a hard time achieving exclusivity as opposed to popularity.
Brusk 93Brusk 93
15:33 25 Feb 24
I love McDonald’s and their food. So this is not trash talking but walking into a restaurant when almost every table is dirty makes you lose your appetite.
Shone JoseShone Jose
11:44 21 Sep 23
The fast-food service is slow, but the food and atmosphere are great.
okay food but very slow restaurant. creates quite some problems as a delivery driver
babak aharibabak ahari
13:02 08 Jul 23
Dining out should be an enjoyable experience, a time to savor your food and possibly engage in light conversation. However, at this McDonald's, the high noise level significantly detracted from that goal. It felt more like a bustling train station than a comfortable fast-food restaurant. It is essential to maintain a calmer, more controlled environment for customers to genuinely enjoy their meals.
Olavi Mikkola (Olof)Olavi Mikkola (Olof)
17:15 17 May 22
The ordering machine is really bad, buggy, laggy. Cards hardly work. No customer reception at all. Slow service, crowded place. The worker couldn't speak English. Prices are really high. The burgers are fastly done, nothing special. The portions of fries were small. The drink was stale.

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