McDonald's Hagaleden 3

Mcdonalds Jönköping Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

Välkommen till McDonald’s i Jönköping! Det är en plats dit många människor älskar att gå eftersom de gör god och snabb mat. Du kan hitta McDonald’s i olika delar av Jönköping, som centrum eller närliggande platser som Vättern. Det är en plats där familjer och vänner ofta samlas för en god måltid eller för att koppla av.

Låt oss diskutera den smaskiga maten du kan få på McDonald’s Jönköping! De har berömda saker som Big Mac, som har två biffar, en speciell sås, sallad, ost, pickles och lök, allt i en bulle. Om du gillar kyckling kanske du gillar McCrispy-mackan. Och om du är sugen på fisk finns Filet-O-Fish med en krispig fiskfilé och tartarsås. Och för frukostälskare finns Mighty McMuffin med korv, ägg och ost på en mjuk muffin. McDonald’s Jönköping har massor av goda alternativ för alla.

Mcdonalds Jönköping Meny

Mcdonalds Jönköping

Mcdonalds Jönköping Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Hagaleden 3

Address: Hagaleden 3, 553 39 Jönköping, Sweden

McDonald's Hagaleden 3

McDonald’s Sjukhusgatan 6

Address: Sjukhusgatan 6, 553 05 Jönköping, Sweden

McDonald's Sjukhusgatan 6

McDonald’s Torsvik

Address: Thorsviksvägen 102, 556 50 Jönköping, Sweden

McDonald's Torsvik

Mcdonalds Jönköping Recensioner

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Hubert PhilHubert Phil
08:17 20 Mar 24
juyFredrik MainhedjuyFredrik Mainhed
22:31 17 Mar 24
Jen MellaJen Mella
17:15 17 Mar 24
A good donken, the fries are well fried and have proper saltiness.
20:16 15 Mar 24
Lars LindbladLars Lindblad
13:39 15 Mar 24
François De gheselleFrançois De gheselle
11:44 11 Feb 24
Don’t respect closing hours (close 45min before the closing). Thankfully, Max was opened 😮‍💨
Dmitrij SemeskoDmitrij Semesko
11:48 09 Jul 23
It was McDonald's food:) unfortunately doesn't have kid's playground and parking isn't big
Morten JensenMorten Jensen
17:31 23 Jan 23
Not fantastic food, but the service was great, chairs and tables was dirty as on many McDonald's in Sweden, you have to search for the cleanest table and chair(s)and then clean it with a napkin or 5!
16:06 14 Jan 23
We’re here twice and twice they forgot to add something to an order (no bacon and extras in the burger we payed for). Plus they make everything with their bare hands, no gloves, they touch all the surfaces, their faces and than bread from your burger without hands cleaning 🙁
Maureen ChristiansenMaureen Christiansen
20:05 30 Mar 22
A fresh and clean fast food place, and the staff look so professional. Have to say that 3 out of the last 5 times I've been there (even the last time) the order has been wrong, missing dips, a milk and a hot chocolate most recently.
McDonald's Torsvik
Based on 114 reviews
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Ferenc JeliFerenc Jeli
18:23 23 Mar 24
Björn LinnarssonBjörn Linnarsson
17:30 21 Mar 24
Dick RydkvistDick Rydkvist
16:43 19 Mar 24
A McDonalds like any other, nothing special 👍
Robert EngRobert Eng
09:35 19 Mar 24
Went in drive and got the wrong food. This is the third time this has happened.....Bad
Michael KamatMichael Kamat
20:46 17 Mar 24
Giovanni VisentinGiovanni Visentin
09:35 03 Jan 24
🐈McDonald's is a place that offers a quick and convenient experience to enjoy tasty food. 🚀🎉The variety of the menu satisfies different tastes, offering classic options such as burgers and chips, along with healthier and alternative choices for different food preferences🏡 The efficiency of the service and the consistency of the food make it a point of reference for those looking for a quick and familiar meal.❤️
Jimi Lindberg (zector)Jimi Lindberg (zector)
12:11 20 Nov 23
Could not order due to ordering system not showing information about allergens.A competent company would use an ordering system that allows the customer to simply select any allergens they can't eat, and then only being shown items and item variants that does not contain those allergens.Forcing the customer to use an ordering system created by a group of people without skills in UI design and forcing the customers wanting allergen details to scan a QR code that dumps you on your main product menu page without any allergen information, and not even having an allergen matrix page shows how much you care about customers and potential customers.
17:16 28 Sep 23
Good McD with nice staff. The chicken burger was a little too hard fried but perfectly ok. Clean and fresh.
sikander Jawedsikander Jawed
20:39 07 Jul 23
nice but taste is not so good
Mad LordMad Lord
15:51 10 May 23
It's a McDonald's

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