McDonald's Kylarevägen 2a

Mcdonalds Linköping Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

Är du ute efter en smaskig måltid i Västerås? McDonald’s är platsen att vara på! Det är här du kan få god snabbmat snabbt. Du hittar McDonald’s på många ställen runt om i staden. De finns på platser som gallerior och i centrum, så det är lätt att hitta en. 

Nu ska vi prata om maten! Allt vi pratar om kommer från officiella källor. McDonald’s serverar klassiker som Big Mac. Det är en enorm hamburgare med specialsås och massor av tillbehör. Om du gillar kyckling ska du prova McCrispy. Det är en krispig kycklingsmörgås som är så god! Och till frukost måste du prova Mighty McMuffin. Den innehåller korv, ägg och ost på en muffin. McDonald’s i Västerås har något smaskigt för alla. Nyfiken på när du ska besöka Linköping och för säljningsställen ? Kolla in våra detaljerade öppettide planera för din nästa härliga måltid

Mcdonalds Linköping Meny

Mcdonalds Linköping

Mcdonalds Linköping Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Linköping, Valla

Address: Rydsvägen 1, 584 31 Linköping, Sweden

McDonald's Linköping, Valla

McDonald’s Kylarevägen 2a

Address: Kylarevägen 2a, 587 23 Linköping, Sweden

McDonald's Kylarevägen 2a

McDonald s Västra Svedengatan

Address: Västra Svedengatan 14, 582 73 Linköping, Sweden

McDonald s Västra Svedengatan

McDonald’s Linköping Mörtlösa

Address: Gudmundsgatan 6, 582 78 Linköping, Sweden

McDonald's Linköping Mörtlösa

Ronald Mcdonald Hus, Linköping

Address: Garnisonsvägen 11, 587 50 Linköping, Sweden

Ronald Mcdonald Hus, Linköping

Mcdonalds Linköping Recensioner

Pentti PetterssonPentti Pettersson
05:58 26 Mar 24
Alexandra NagyAlexandra Nagy
21:47 24 Mar 24
21:43 24 Mar 24
Just so you know, the last time I was there at night, the guy who made the hamburgers was standing and scrubbing dirt etc. and using rags on different surfaces and then turning around and making the customers' hamburgers without washing his hands in between, terribly unclean, I stood and look at him but he didn't seem to understand what he was doing, so canceled my own order and left!
19:32 23 Mar 24
Okay restaurant.
Per-Åke RosénPer-Åke Rosén
20:02 20 Mar 24
The times I've been there, it's been fast service and fresh food! 👍
Gregers Wacher HansenGregers Wacher Hansen
14:00 02 Sep 23
Friendly staff. Nice, big and somewhat clean restaurant. Ordering would have been easy on one of their many self serve kiosks. Ordered to table through app though. Food was delivered fairly quickly and tasted fine. Delivery to table does not include napkins. I don’t understand why they believe one can eat their products without a napkin. However I got two straws but only needed one. Ordered hot jalapeño chicken burger which absolutely was not spicy (hot) at all. I think they forgot to add the jalapeños.
Diwakar PoudelDiwakar Poudel
05:08 30 May 23
Ok to spend some minutes. But there's large green area to visit, which we didn't manage to walk around.
Hafiz Imran MajeedHafiz Imran Majeed
14:16 04 May 23
Lot of Time come here but the problem is that I CANNOT CUSTOMISE MY BURGER AT ORDER MACHINE BECAUSE MACHINE DOSE NOT GIVE ME OPTION TO AD THE SALSA SAUCE. Everyday I have to wait in queue to order the food because I tell them and then they customise my order on Kasaa
Johan TörnerJohan Törner
14:50 27 Aug 22
This is a very good McDonalds. Nothing extraordinary. But it's clean, service is fast, and the food is hot when it arrives. A big plus is that it's near to the university. If you want to get something filling for less than 100 crowns, McDonalds is your go-to when on campus.
sai suneel bondadasai suneel bondada
00:38 15 Nov 21
This very good place. It's very near to university and the student accommodations. The staff is polite, helpful, can speak multiple languages including Swedish, English. Must visit mcdonald's store in linköping. Addition of little spicy food will be appreciated however it's same everywhere in sweden.
Håkan BergstedtHåkan Bergstedt
10:43 25 Mar 24
Modern and pleasant environment.
Stefan AmnestedtStefan Amnestedt
17:11 23 Mar 24
Martin ThorssellMartin Thorssell
10:48 19 Mar 24
Lena LundbergLena Lundberg
21:42 03 Mar 24
17:27 25 Feb 24
Okay McDonald's.
Behrouz ZarandiBehrouz Zarandi
05:31 24 Feb 24
Good 👍
Mark HendersonMark Henderson
16:27 16 Aug 23
Very clean restaurant! Order was delivered to my table and everything was perfect!
Muthukumar ThangaveluMuthukumar Thangavelu
15:42 30 Dec 22
Nice place on the highway, little away from the city, if you go to Doller store you can stop by and taste the food.nice place with good taste.
Johan EkbomJohan Ekbom
17:13 03 Aug 22
Had breakfast with poor delivery. No staff at counter, receipts printing did not work, bathrooms were unclean, no paper in bathrooms and trash holders outside was filled up. Food ok, but several guest was complaining over service and cleanliness.
William De DonatoWilliam De Donato
11:52 18 Feb 21
It has the self-order and the food is always warm and tasteful. The environment is cozy and comfortable. The bathrooms are well equipped and the place is clean. The only thing I missed was the soda machine... there isn't there unfortunately. When you order your soda they fill it to you on their kitchen.

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