McDonald's Rambergsvallen

McDonald Gothenburg Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

Välkommen till McDonald’s i Göteborg! Det är en plats där du kan hitta smaskig mat som serveras snabbt. McDonalds Goteborg är ett favoritställe för många människor eftersom det erbjuder många olika sorters mat som människor älskar. Du kan få hamburgare, kycklingsmörgåsar och till och med fisksmörgåsar här! Och vet du vad? McDonald’s finns på många ställen runt om i staden, som Avenyn och Haga, så det är lätt att hitta en när du är hungrig och utforskar Göteborg.

Låt oss prata om den goda maten du kan få på McDonald’s Göteborg! De har berömda saker som Big Mac, som har två biffar och en speciell sås som gör den smaskig. Om du gillar kyckling kan du prova McCrispy-mackan med krispig kyckling inuti. Och om du vill ha fisk finns mackan Filet-O-Fish med en fläckig fiskfilé och syrlig tartarsås. Mighty McMuffin är perfekt för att börja dagen med korv, ägg och ost, allt på en varm engelsk muffin. Med så många läckra alternativ är McDonald’s Göteborg ett bra ställe att gå till när du är hungrig och letar efter något gott! Nyfiken på när du ska besöka Göteborg och försäljningsställen? Kolla in våra detaljerade öppettide planera för din nästa härliga måltid

McDonalds Gothenburg Meny

McDonalds Gothenburg Meny

McDonald Goteborg Meny Försäljningsställen

McDonald Goteborg

Address: Kungsportsavenyen 32, 411 36 Göteborg

McDonald Goteborg

McDonald’s Rambergsvallen

Address: Rambergsvallen, Inlandsgatan 50, 417 11 Göteborg

McDonald's Rambergsvallen

McDonald’s Klädpressaregatan 4

Address: L:a, Klädpressaregatan 4, 411 05 Göteborg

McDonald's Klädpressaregatan 4

McDonald’s Götgatan 16

Address: Götgatan 16, 411 05 Göteborg

McDonald's Götgatan 16

McDonald’s Scandinavium

Address: Valhallagatan 1, 412 51 Göteborg

McDonald's Scandinavium

McDonald’s Frölunda torg 1

Address: Frölunda torg 1, 421 21 Göteborg

McDonald's Frölunda torg 1

McDonald’s Alekärrsgatan 2

Address: Alekärrsgatan 2, 415 02 Göteborg

McDonald's Alekärrsgatan 2

McDonald’s Importgatan 1

Address:  Importgatan 1, 422 46 Hisings Backa

McDonald's Importgatan 1

McDonald’s Transportgatan 8

Address: Transportgatan 8, 422 46 Hisings Backa

McDonald's Transportgatan 8

McDonald’s Topasgatan 1d

Address: Topasgatan 1d, 421 48 Västra Frölunda

McDonald's Topasgatan 1d

McDonald s Jolengatan 3

Address: Jolengatan 3, 431 49 Mölndal

McDonald s Jolengatan 3

McDonald’s Gamla Kronvägen 66

Address: Gamla Kronvägen 66, 433 38 Partille

McDonald's Gamla Kronvägen 66

McDonald Goteborg Reviews

McDonald s
Based on 2246 reviews
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Got the wrong stuff with the order, but Daniel and Sofia fixed it great!
Stefan JeppssonStefan Jeppsson
21:02 17 Mar 24
Christian SvenbergChristian Svenberg
17:49 17 Mar 24
Peter CarlssonPeter Carlsson
21:13 12 Mar 24
John SoftelandJohn Softeland
07:05 11 Mar 24
Suneel KhannaSuneel Khanna
20:10 10 Jan 24
Good Food and friendly staff. Place bit messy.
Alex van veenAlex van veen
17:14 05 Oct 23
Warm food, no coffee due to cleaning of machines. Not the warmest environment.
Gregers Wacher HansenGregers Wacher Hansen
19:02 30 Aug 23
Friendly staff. Not very clean restaurant. The sink in the bathroom was out of order. Ordering would have been easy on one of their many self serve kiosks. Ordered to table through app through. I had to wait a somewhat long time for the food to arrive at the table. Delivery to table doesn’t include napkins. I don’t know why they think someone can consume their products without the use of a napkin. Got two straws though. The food tasted all right but was luke warm. The fries was bordering being cold. Not too much ice in the drink. The price was right as I used a Birthday voucher.
Very quick service. Ordered a McVegan meal on the digital screens and got it within five minutes. Clean and good looking restaurant.
Jakub GrabczewskiJakub Grabczewski
20:00 07 Oct 17
This McDonald is a very dirty place. Even if it's fastfood it is not so nice to eat inside of a restaurant. It seems like that nothing works there and no one will give you a helping hand with translation after small crash of automatic ordering system. Just choose another McDonald if you have taste for it or try to make order in drive-through.
Based on 1863 reviews
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Frank AnderssonFrank Andersson
05:46 18 Mar 24
Mohammed-Ali AldarrajiMohammed-Ali Aldarraji
12:00 17 Mar 24
Ahmad Zia SultaniAhmad Zia Sultani
13:05 12 Mar 24
Jonatan BessouJonatan Bessou
21:36 11 Mar 24
John SoftelandJohn Softeland
07:05 11 Mar 24
22:48 02 Dec 23
It was dirty everywhere!!Hamburger and fries were cold and not fresh 🤢.I am not going there anymore!!!
Benny ThomasBenny Thomas
17:38 06 Aug 22
This might be the worst fastfood place ever. The bun was burnt so hard I couldn't chew it.Fries was dry cold and boring. Not even full. My coke had more colour in it than taste. Never eating here again.
David Ra manDavid Ra man
14:41 14 Jul 22
Close your eyes and you could be anywhere in the world. Imagine Mickey Dees with character, atmosphere ambience...! These wunnerfool attributes are not to be found at any maccas. Burgers are below ok, fries ok, drinks ok, the coffee can be nit bad. Otherwise avoid
Morgan LindholmMorgan Lindholm
08:19 02 Jun 22
Really good Big-Mac.. ❤️@moggedog on instagram
Wahid RaziullahWahid Raziullah
09:36 18 Feb 22
In drive-through - always check your bag before leaving. Stood in queue, ordered, paid, picked up, they missed a donut, we drove back, stood in queue, spoke to the ”speaker” and told them a donut was missing, ”oh please stand in line again and we will help you” - no sorries!Finally the same girl who served us was in a the last booth, she said ”oh you again?” We said you forgot the donut, and she gave is obe quietöy, still no sorries or regrets, felt very disrespected. Asked if we could order another cheeseburger, but what she then said completely shocked me ”Oh I cant take payments here, please drive another round, stand in queue, and the re-order”Not going back here again I can sure tell you that. The only reason for giving two stars is that the nuggets we got were very fresh - but zero service!

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