Skelleftea Mcdonalds

McDonalds Skellefteå Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

I Skellefteå är McDonald’s ett populärt val för en snabb och välsmakande måltid. McDonalds Skellefteå erbjuder klassiska snabbmatsalternativ som hamburgare, pommes frites och shakes, vilket gör det till en favorit bland både lokalbefolkningen och besökare. Med flera restauranger i staden är McDonald’s Skellefteå lättillgängligt och ger en smak av det välbekanta amerikanska köket i detta livliga stadsområde.

Låt oss nu ta en närmare titt på vad du kan hitta på menyn hos McDonald’s Skellefteå. De erbjuder ikoniska rätter som Big Mac med sin specialsås, den krispiga McCrispy-kycklingsmörgåsen och den smakrika Filet-O-Fish för fisk- och skaldjursentusiaster. Och för dem som letar efter frukostalternativ, missa inte Mighty McMuffin. Med ett sådant utbud av goda alternativ garanterar McDonald’s Skellefteå en tillfredsställande matupplevelse för alla.

McDonalds Skellefteå Meny

McDonalds Skellefteå Meny

McDonalds Skellefteå Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Skellefteå

Address: Gymnasievägen 34, 931 91 Skellefteå, Sweden

McDonald's Skellefteå

McDonald’s Solbacken

Address: Varugatan 8A, 931 76 Skellefteå, Sweden

McDonald's Solbacken

McDonald Skellefteå Recensioner

McDonald's Skellefteå
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Tom B.Tom B.
14:00 27 Dec 23
Clean Toilets, good price
Alex ShaweAlex Shawe
13:41 13 Jun 23
Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of what I'd eaten - but oh my god! Best McDonalds I've ever had!! Fresh as f*ck, the staff were really friendly and accommodated my English language. Definitely the best maccies I've had to date. Worth stopping if you're anywhere in the area... it might be standard to the Swedish folk, but for me, 110%.
Jonathan RamirezJonathan Ramirez
08:53 21 Mar 23
Went to grab breakfast Tues, March 21st and whoever was working that morning was amazing and I've all together rally appreciated the service! Well done.
kathryn ingramkathryn ingram
16:56 26 Dec 22
Quick and easy to pick up 12 cheese burgers. ****update from new visit****Not overly impressed this time, slow service, cold food, items missing and poor cleanliness toilet area had no hand soap, floors hadn't been swept or mopped tables cluttered, seamed like the drive through took president over those who were sitting inside.
Geo CallowayGeo Calloway
13:23 18 Mar 21
I live an hour away. I was in the city doing some shopping and stopped at McDonalds before home. I received my order and left. Half way home I stop to eat some. I bit into my hamburger and there was no meat inside. Just bread, ketchup,senap and pickle. I contacted McDonalds sverige and they told me they would have the manager contact me. It has been a week and a half and no contact. Would have been nice to receive a refund at least but the place is poorly managed. Even a wall blocking the kitchen so customers can't see if their food is being dropped or spit on.Food wise, it's McDonalds. You been to one then you know how the food is. Same at every one I've been too. I like cheap fast food as a guilty pleasure.Edit update: I live closer now and the service has improved. My only issue is wait time. I almost always order the same thing but seem to wait longer then people who come after me and eat in (I take away). I am used to it by now but I wish there were more chairs just for people who wait. The staff have been great and work hard. Always have a smile and are very accommodating. Please consider those who have to clean up and pick up after yourself.
McDonald's Solbacken
Based on 65 reviews
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11:36 06 Mar 24
Tasty and fast, just typical food in MC
Elizabeth ZaharevichElizabeth Zaharevich
16:19 25 Feb 24
The service not really client focused but cliean and tidy
Rene KristensenRene Kristensen
06:08 08 Feb 24
Wonderful service and staff.. Clean place... Food is same same !
Alina LevytskaAlina Levytska
06:14 29 Jan 24
Good cappuccino. Clean place. Friendly staff
15:37 10 Dec 23
First time here. It's a McDonald's mccafe. The selection of cakes could not be worse.Ordered two cappuccino's on the screen, it gave me my number in the queue and asked if I would like to pay at the counter or on the screen. I chose at the counter and assumed I would have to pay when the order was ready. After 15 minutes I asked a staff member how long more I would be waiting, the person was very confused. It was then explained I should have queued at the counter and paid before they would process the order. I left, it should have specified that on the screen, so confusing. This place has a very poor atmosphere and the staff just seem stressed and the cafe is unstaffed, you have to wait until everyone before you has got their meals. Fast food this place is certainly not.

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