Mcdonalds Stockholm Central

McDonalds Stockholm Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

Välkommen till McDonalds Stockholm. Det bästa stället i stan för smaskig snabbmat. McDonald’s är kända för sina goda hamburgare med mera, och här i Stockholm hittar du McDonald’s restauranger på många ställen runt om i staden. Oavsett om du besöker historiska platser som Gamla Stan eller hänger i livliga områden som Sergels Torg, är du aldrig långt från en McDonald’s.

Låt oss nu kolla in vad McDonald’s Stockholm erbjuder på sin meny. Först har vi den berömda Big Mac, en supergod hamburgare med specialsås, sallad och mycket mer. Om du gillar kyckling ska du prova McCrispy-mackan. Den är krispig och utsökt. För fisk- och skaldjursfantaster finns Filet-O-Fish med smaskig fiskfilé och tartarsås. Och om du är hungrig på morgonen kan du ta en Mighty McMuffin, en frukostmacka med korv, ägg och ost. Allt på McDonald Stockholm är gjort på bra råvaror, så du vet att du får en smaskig måltid varje gång du besöker oss. Nyfiken på när du ska besöka Stockholm och för säljningsställen? Kolla in våra detaljerade öppettide planera för din nästa härliga måltid

Mcdonald’s Menu Stockholm

Mcdonald's Menu Stockholm

Mcdonalds Stockholm City Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Vasagatan 24

Address: Vasagatan 24, 111 20 Stockholm

McDonald's Vasagatan 24

Mcdonalds Stockholm Central

Address: Stockholm Central Station

Mcdonalds Stockholm Central

Mcdonald’s Kungsgatan 50 111 35 Stockholm

Address: Kungsgatan 50, 111 35 Stockholm

McDonald's Hötorget

McDonald’s Hornsgatan 88

Address: Hornsgatan 88, 118 21 Stockholm

McDonald's Hornsgatan 88

McDonalds Folkungagatan Stockholm

Address: Folkungagatan 50, 116 22 Stockholm

McDonald's Folkungagatan

McDonald’s Skanstull

Address: Götgatan 91, 116 62 Stockholm

McDonald's Skanstull

McDonald’s Regeringsgatan 20

Address: Regeringsgatan 20, 111 53 Stockholm

McDonald's Regeringsgatan 20

McDonald’s Sankt Eriksgatan

Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 32, 112 34 Stockholm

McDonald's Sankt Eriksgatan

McDonald’s Karlaplan 13

Address: Karlaplan 13, 115 20 Stockholm

McDonald's Karlaplan 13

McDonald’s Liljeholmstorget 94

Address: Liljeholmstorget 94, 117 61 Stockholm

McDonald's Liljeholmstorget 94

McDonald’s Solna

Address: Solnavägen 17, 171 65 Solna

McDonald's Solna

Akalla McDonalds

Address: Finlandsgatan 5, 164 74 Kista

Akalla McDonalds

McDonald’s Gamla Huddingevägen

Address: Gamla Huddingevägen 500, 125 42 Älvsjö

McDonald's Gamla Huddingevägen

McDonald’s Sockenvägen 1

Address: Sockenvägen 1, 120 40 Årsta

McDonald's Sockenvägen 1

McDonald’s Vällingby Centrum

Address: Vällingby Centrum

McDonald's Vällingby Centrum

McDonald’s Bogårdsvägen 30

Address: Bogårdsvägen 30, 128 62 Sköndal

McDonald's Bogårdsvägen 30

McDonalds Rissne

Address: Madenvägen 3, 174 55 Sundbyberg

McDonalds Rissne

McDonald’s Kista Galleria

Address: Kista Galleria

McDonald's Kista Galleria

McDonald’s Kungens Kurvaleden

Address: Kungens Kurvaleden 1, 141 75 Kungens Kurva

McDonald's Kungens Kurvaleden

McDonald’s Vikdalsvägen 43

Address: Vikdalsvägen 43, 131 40 Nacka

McDonald's Vikdalsvägen 43

McDonald’s Dialoggatan 2

Address: Dialoggatan 2, 141 75 Kungens Kurva

McDonald's Dialoggatan 2

McDonalds Barkarby

Address: Flyginfarten 6, 177 38 Järfälla

McDonalds Barkarby

McDonalds Arlanda

Address: PELARGÅNGEN, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden

McDonald's Arlanda

McDonald’s Stockholm Recensioner

Based on 712 reviews
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Fred NykvistFred Nykvist
17:13 26 Feb 24
Wasn't there just passed by, how do you guys actually log in? Be nearby, max 10s
Matteus CanevallMatteus Canevall
18:02 17 Feb 24
Great burgers. Nice staff, personal but not private in tone. If you love MC Donald's concept (fast, tasty and easy), you won't be disappointed! Would love to come here again!
Julia AnderssonJulia Andersson
13:50 11 Feb 24
If it was possible to give minus 5.. This restaurant must probably be the worst in the whole country. Ordered and paid for 2 cheeseburgers & 1 tasty cheese, just hamburgers, no menus. After 8 min, when our order number disappeared from the screen, the girl said when I asked what's going on that they are just waiting for the cheeseburgers. All orders before us but also 13 orders after us got their trays and happy meals stuffed with lots of cheeseburgers, but we got our 2, when the tasty cheese had already cooled, a total of 14 minutes after the order was paid. Under all the criticism. Shut the restaurant down or start paying people to eat here
Mikael HandingMikael Handing
15:46 23 Dec 23
Really good food.
Luka MitrovicLuka Mitrovic
09:45 06 Sep 23
Nice and clean McDonald’s with kind staff
The food isn't special. I don't like their Chicken burgers, but the food is relatively cheap. The food court gets crowded in the afternoons. The seats and tables are not comfortable.
12:30 30 Dec 22
The food here is almost always good Macs quality. However, the restaurant in the food court is constantly packed and is abit of a wait.Things have improved since they have installed automated ordering stations so you spend less time waiting in a queue.
Rakib HasanRakib Hasan
16:35 22 May 21
very poor service. when I inform them all there catchup box is empty please refill one. after 2munites one guy came out and check all five catchup boxes and try to take out some catchup from those empty boxes. when nothing came out from those boxes. then he try to clean the bord but he did not clean the board properly and go inside the restaurant and came back after 3 minutes. totally bull shitt experience.
Edward CardenasEdward Cardenas
21:35 19 Jun 18
Its alright for a quick snack or just to get something on the go. Tables usually not clean, pretty noisy place where you can't relax while eating. Service a bit lower than the average McDonald's
Based on 2057 reviews
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Martin KvistMartin Kvist
22:56 21 Mar 24
Okay. Good selection and good
Pentti SavolainenPentti Savolainen
10:47 21 Mar 24
Rodde escobarRodde escobar
14:06 18 Mar 24
Pleasant, fast and service-oriented staff. A plus for the happy restaurant manager who recognizes one. 😃
Maria SolbergMaria Solberg
06:11 10 Mar 24
One of the worse McDonalds there is. Often failure in the McDrive and the entrance to their McDrive is disastrous.
Sergio SVRQSergio SVRQ
12:36 09 Mar 24
mayuresh gataremayuresh gatare
05:25 08 Mar 24
fatmir marashifatmir marashi
15:41 07 Mar 24
Shankar PanickerShankar Panicker
08:45 29 Jan 24
The service was good. The food tastes the same as other McDonald's. Also it's near other shopping places 😁.
22:06 03 Jan 24
The food and place are not clean!Worst McDonalds bransh in Sweden
Michal PMichal P
13:19 14 Aug 23
Ever since they changed the staff, not only the service is bad but also, every time I’d go there, I have stomach issues.Definitely do not recommend
tahir khantahir khan
12:37 29 May 23
To slow stuff at drive thru they get oder and payment very fast but they didn’t give food fast only today at afternoon service
Helga NurHelga Nur
11:15 24 Jul 20
Nice place. With toilet without the password

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