McDonald's Apelgatan 18

Mcdonalds Norrköping Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

Är du hungrig i Norrköping? Då är McDonald’s rätt ställe att gå till! Både de som bor här och turisterna älskar det. Du kan hitta McDonald’s i många delar av staden, så det är enkelt att få en smaskig måltid snabbt. De har alla möjliga sorters god mat, som hamburgare och kycklingsmörgåsar.

Låt oss prata om vad McDonald’s erbjuder i Norrköping. De har kända saker som Big Mac och McCrispy. Om du gillar fisk och skaldjur kan du prova Filet-O-Fish. Och till frukost kommer du att älska Mighty McMuffin. McDonald’s har massor av olika maträtter som alla gillar. Det är därför det är så populärt i Norrköping. Nyfiken på när du ska besöka Norrköping och för säljningsställen? Kolla in våra detaljerade öppettide planera för din nästa härliga måltid

Mcdonalds Norrköping Meny

Mcdonalds Norrköping

Mcdonalds Norrköping Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Apelgatan 18

Address: Apelgatan 18, 602 15 Norrköping, Sweden

McDonald's Apelgatan 18

McDonald s Filmstaden

Address: Drottninggatan 56, 602 32 Norrköping, Sweden

McDonald s Filmstaden

McDonald’s Koppargatan 22

Address: Koppargatan 22, 602 23 Norrköping, Sweden

McDonald's Koppargatan 22

McDonald’s Mirum Galleria

Address: Hageby Mirum Galleria, Timmermansgatan 40, 600 14 Norrköping

McDonald's Mirum Galleria

Mcdonalds Norrköping Recensioner

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Ulla DahlbergUlla Dahlberg
16:58 20 Mar 24
Douglas ClaessonDouglas Claesson
16:35 16 Mar 24
Got slapped when I asked where my 40 nuggets o company menus were. Extremely dissatisfied
Lennart SjöbergLennart Sjöberg
18:49 11 Mar 24
Joacim LindahlJoacim Lindahl
18:26 11 Mar 24
Anita KarlssonAnita Karlsson
15:00 11 Mar 24
It was good.
simply sgsimply sg
22:57 24 Dec 23
Food was okay and the place was clean despite the rush hour.Hope they arrange a better play area for kids
Mohima HaqueMohima Haque
15:47 14 Jun 23
McDonalds have branches in Isr**l that I strongly oppose. However, there are halal chicken at McDonald's in Sweden which is considerate. The chicken is from Danpo suppliers.
Nothing wrong with the food or drinks, and the service was fast enough. However, the place was filthy, the tables sticky and the floors covered with dried stains of dropped food. The toilets were all closed except the handicap one, which was dirty and lacked both hand towels and soap. The indoor play area looked like it had never been wiped off and the outdoor one smelled like a homeless person had slept in it. The overall feel makes you question whether it's safe to eat the food or not. Surely any self-respecting restaurant would clean the place before opening in the morning, or where they counting on everyone getting drive-through?
yannick LE GLEUTyannick LE GLEUT
18:52 14 Apr 22
20:20, McDonald’s looks just like a big trash bin . Never saw a McDonald’s in such conditions ! If the food we get is like the restaurant … hope that the nearest hospital is not far ! What a shame !
Pradeep RamamoorthyPradeep Ramamoorthy
18:08 09 Apr 21
Crispy coated chicken with lettuce and our sandwich sauce, in a soft, sesame-topped bun. ... Crispy coated chicken with lettuce and our sandwich sauce, in a soft, sesame-topped bun. A true classic.Economic 20 sek chicken burger 🍔 stomach filling 😋meal ....Hot chocolate is good with perfect smell and tasteOrdered chocolate milk shake it is also good with rich of chocolate and milk cream
Based on 1178 reviews
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Henrik JohanssonHenrik Johansson
17:33 13 May 24
hannah 10hannah 10
17:02 13 May 24
Nilufar HoqueNilufar Hoque
19:27 12 May 24
Hans SamuelssonHans Samuelsson
17:55 12 May 24
Octavia TaliOctavia Tali
00:18 12 May 24
It's a McDonald's restaurant with McDonald's food... it tastes as usual never had any problems with the food or the staff.. the milkshake/ice cream machine is broken as often as at all McDonald's.
albina gainutdinovaalbina gainutdinova
23:10 21 Oct 23
Unfortunately, it does not pull on the top five.
Daniela TorresDaniela Torres
13:38 01 Oct 23
You forgot the salt in my large fries!Not ideal when is to take out and on the road! A bit disappointed since I had been craving the fries for the last 4hours.
Jesper HornbergJesper Hornberg
13:49 30 Jul 23
McDonalds is a safe bet usually if you want a quick meal. This was overcrowded and waiting time was 25 min. Clean place though, and focused staff.
Amer KarmashAmer Karmash
11:10 20 Jun 23
The food is mid like everything mc but the service and people there are very nice and good. But the place needs a little more cleaning, it's disgusting
Gregers Wacher HansenGregers Wacher Hansen
18:49 14 Jul 22
Extremely busy restaurant. Friendly staff. Not that clean. Ordering took some time as they only have 4 order kiosk and there was a wait to use them. A little long wait for the food. Fries could have been a little warmer. They forgot the ice in the soft drink. Burger tasted good.

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