McDonald's Birsta Klökanvägen 3

McDonald’s Sundsvall Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

I den livliga staden Sundsvall är McDonald’s en självklar plats för en snabb och utsökt måltid. McDonald’s Sundsvall är känt för sina välsmakande snabbmatserbjudanden som hamburgare, pommes frites och shakes och är en favorit bland lokalbefolkningen och besökare. McDonald’s Sundsvall är lättillgängligt med flera butiker i staden, vilket ger en smak av det välbekanta amerikanska köket i detta livliga stadsområde.

Låt oss nu ta en närmare titt på vad du kan hitta på menyn hos McDonalds Sundsvall. De erbjuder populära rätter som Big Mac med sin specialsås, den krispiga McCrispy-kycklingmackan och den smakrika Filet-O-Fish för fisk- och skaldjursälskare. Och för dem som är sugna på frukost, missa inte Mighty McMuffin. Med ett sådant utbud av goda alternativ lovar McDonald’s Sundsvall en tillfredsställande matupplevelse för alla.

McDonald’s Sundsvall Meny

McDonald's Sundsvall

McDonald’s Sundsvall Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Landsvägsallén 10

Address: Landsvägsallén 10, 852 29 Sundsvall, Sweden

McDonald's Landsvägsallén 10

McDonald’s Birsta Klökanvägen 3

Address: Klökanvägen 3, 863 41 Sundsvall, Sweden

McDonald's Birsta Klökanvägen 3

McDonald’s Bydalen

Address: Norra Vägen 10D, 856 50 Sundsvall, Sweden

McDonald's Bydalen

Sundsvall Mcdonalds Recensioner

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Olivier VerdierOlivier Verdier
10:06 24 Feb 24
Avoid! Cost of meal: 800:-, because you will get a parking ticket by just parking on the parking space outside the restaurant. This happens all the time, the employees are aware of that and will do nothing to help or to prevent that.
Kevin Van CappellenKevin Van Cappellen
14:31 02 Oct 23
Visited late at night. Very friendly and fast staff when I was there.
Ernest Konadu-YiadomErnest Konadu-Yiadom
05:06 28 Aug 22
24 hour service. Friendly customer relations and big space for everyone
16:31 03 Mar 21
Ok food, toiletseat was off and blower/dryer for your hands didn't work. Ordered drivethrough and 4/5 times something in the order is wrong, and it's always slow. Would recommend the one in Birsta instead.
Frida GarateFrida Garate
10:00 02 Dec 18
Was nice service and I didn't even have to wait long at all! They had the nuggets ready as soon as I had paid 😂😁lovely this time!
McDonald's Birsta
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Kristoffer ÖdmarkKristoffer Ödmark
19:20 27 Dec 23
Short on staff, really dirty and their digital screens had issues so they kept screaming out the numbers
Natalie HNatalie H
11:19 14 Oct 23
Google does not allow me to post an honest review.
Ramin FarhadianRamin Farhadian
16:13 01 Jun 23
Burgers were ok, but the triple cheese we ordered - with extra ketchup - was delivered without pickles. When going back to the counter with the burger, the manager grabbed it without gloves, checked it and lastly threw it away saying we'd get a new one. Two minutes later we got the new burger, no sorry, no nothing.
Monica BondevikMonica Bondevik
20:56 22 Dec 22
Great little McDonald's, smaller menu than I'm personally used to but accessable for those that don't speak Swedish like myself. Would certainly go again.
Mikael WiströmMikael Wiström
06:36 09 Sep 22
Rarely has ice in the drinks. The machine is almost always "broken" or "we haven't had time to clean it yet" (if you open at 7AM, and you have very few customers, atleast one of the 3 people working should have had time to clean it by 8:15AM)

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