McDonalds Gävle Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

I Gävle finns det en plats som alla känner till och älskar: McDonald’s. Det är en plats där du kan få smaskig snabbmat som hamburgare, pommes frites och shakes. McDonald’s Gävle är populärt bland både lokalbefolkningen och besökare eftersom det är lätt att hitta till flera ställen runt om i staden.

Låt oss nu prata om vad du kan mumsa på hos McDonalds Gävle. De har klassiker som Big Mac med sin specialsås, den krispiga McCrispy kycklingmackan och den goda Filet-O-Fish för fisk- och skaldjursfans. Och glöm inte frukosten, där serveras Mighty McMuffin, som är både mättande och god. Med ett så välsmakande urval är McDonald’s Gävle platsen att vara på för en tillfredsställande måltid.

McDonalds Gävle Meny

McDonalds Gävle

McDonalds Gävle Försäljningsställen

McDonalds Gävle Bro

Address: Fjärdingsvägen 6, 802 93 Gävle, Sweden

McDonald's Gävle Bro

McDonald s Södra Kungsvägen 28

Address: Södra Kungsvägen 28, 802 57 Gävle, Sweden

McDonald s Södra Kungsvägen 28

Gävle Mcdonalds Recensioner

McDonald's Gävle Bro
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An DuAn Du
14:22 18 Jan 24
Thanks so much for accommodating my last minute request. Appreciated
Alan MooneyAlan Mooney
15:24 08 Jan 24
It’s a McDonalds so we’re not expecting Gourmet. Having said that, this is one of the best McDonalds restaurants I’ve been in, anywhere in Europe.Food is good and fresh.Toilets are clean.Staff are friendly.Service is efficient and friendly.If more McDonalds were like this one, the world would be a better place!
Johan ValkeapääJohan Valkeapää
23:15 20 Jul 23
"Nondescript" is perhaps the best way to describe it. Forever the worst fast food chain if you actually want your food to taste anything at all.The cheddar dip sauce is so acidic you can hardly tell it's supposed to taste cheese.It's not bad per se but it's so incredibly tasteless it boggles my mind.
Kenneth BothenKenneth Bothen
22:10 17 Jul 23
New and clean restaurant. A little understaffed at this time of the day 21:15. Close to the E4 so mostly car guests 👍
Tanweer RayasatTanweer Rayasat
09:09 31 Oct 22
Went there last night with a friend as we were passing through. Place was very quiet and very sterile. The staff was very cold as usual, however there was a young English man who who was very polite. Also the tables were dirty and I think they should have been cleaned better.
McDonald s
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Eddie LindqvistEddie Lindqvist
11:06 12 Dec 23
Horrible mess! Dirty walls Dirty floors and the toilet looked like a meth house with poop and pee all over! In my burger i had a large hair all the way through it and i almost vomited thinking about eating there.
Jonas SvenssonJonas Svensson
11:50 02 Aug 23
I have been here in the past, last time I gave it a 1 star rating as trashcans overflowed and it was an absolute hygienic disaster. But since then things have improved. Saying it’s great is a stretch, it’s your average McDonald after all. But as far as McDonald’s go, being just average and meeting expectations is good enough.
21:59 08 Mar 23
We all know what McDonald's is. It's a dirty fast food restaurant, managed by children and overrun by youths who think we all care about their personal conversations, leaving trash everywhere. What's more, when my disabled child, who has difficulty with motor skills spilled his small water with his first touch they wouldn't replace it. A cup of water. Cheapskates.
Mohammad TayebMohammad Tayeb
01:45 05 Mar 23
Hello all.I cannot add any comments, we all know this fast food place since childhood. د. All I can say is that the working staff are professional in their work and treat customers in a friendly manner with a good smile. I recommend it when hungry. When going out at night from the bar. We have 4 and I'm thinking of eating a clean fast meal. This is for him without any doubt.
Kayser SozeKayser Soze
11:52 30 Jul 22
Awful service. Long wait for order circa 20 min for fast food is unacceptable. As soon as you enter you smell foul smell. Trash lying around the whole place, dirty tables… full trash cans. Get your s**t together people.

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