McDonald's Västhagagatan 3

McDonalds örebro Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

I den livliga staden Örebro är McDonald’s ett populärt val för en snabb och välsmakande måltid. McDonald’s Örebro är känt för sina läckra snabbmatserbjudanden som hamburgare, pommes frites och shakes, och har blivit en go-to spot för både lokalbefolkningen och besökare. Med flera bekväma restauranger utspridda över hela staden är det enkelt att tillfredsställa ditt begär efter klassisk amerikansk mat på McDonald’s Örebro.

Låt oss nu ta en titt på vad McDonalds Örebro har att erbjuda på sin meny. Från den berömda Big Mac med sin specialsås till den krispiga McCrispy kycklingmackan, det finns något för alla att njuta av. Fiskälskare kan njuta av den smakrika Filet-O-Fish, medan de som letar efter en rejäl frukost kan gräva ner sig i den tillfredsställande Mighty McMuffin. Med ett så varierat utbud av menyalternativ lovar McDonald’s Örebro en utsökt matupplevelse för alla åldrar.

McDonald’s örebro Meny

McDonald's örebro Meny

örebro McDonald’s Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Södermalmsplan 1

Address: Södermalmsplan 1, 702 25 Örebro, Sweden

McDonald's Södermalmsplan 1

McDonald’s Västhagagatan 3

Address: Västhagagatan 3, 703 46 Örebro, Sweden

McDonald's Västhagagatan 3

Mcdonalds örebro City Recensioner

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Luna NordberghLuna Nordbergh
23:38 12 Feb 24
A good experience no complaints, the food was okay and the waiting time was low
Ян ЭдоковЯн Эдоков
15:23 03 Sep 23
Worst McDonald's in the world! Waiting 15 minutes for an order. Then they forget to live out the sauces and more.
Hani Al AbedHani Al Abed
20:11 06 Aug 23
Thank you for ruining my birthday todayToday was my birthday and i ordered some food which contained some sandwiches along with three happy meals, one of these happy meals was missing a book/toy which made one of my kids crying as his brother and cousin got books/toys but he didn't.An employee at this resturant made a mistake of forgeting to put the toy in the bag which ruined my kid's day and in return my birthday party as well.This is not the first time that this has happened.It happened a couple of times not long time ago.But i will make sure that it will be the last time as i will be sure that niether me nor any of my family members or my friends will ever order or set their foot again in any branch of mcdonalds.Thank you for your service
Stian KraggerudStian Kraggerud
17:39 25 Jul 23
Visited McDonald's and was hugely disappointed. It was dirty, with trash strewn everywhere. There were no napkins or condiments available. We informed the staff about the cleanliness and garbage issue, but they seemed indifferent. We also mentioned the lack of napkins, salt, and pepper, but they didn’t bother to restock. This was the worst McDonald's experience we've ever had.
Gergely VígGergely Víg
08:11 08 Aug 19
We had breakfast here. Egg and bacon sandwich: 1 tiny piece of bacon. We did not even noticed that, so we thought they have forgotten about it. Other sandwich looks like someone has just vomited into the paper. A huge burnt something in the pancake. It was in happy meal, so maybe this was the toy 🙂 If you really want mcdonalds food just pick an other one. There is one every corner...
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Jimmy Lee SkrufveJimmy Lee Skrufve
21:45 12 Dec 23
Visited twice (!) for recharge and food in a week on our way south and north again. Both (!) times the restaurant was quite messy with dirty tables and lots of trash and food on the floor. The toilets is hands down the dirtiest I ever been to in a McDonalds. It smelled so bad of urine that my kids refused to go there. Serving took long time, and orders made in the app couldn't be traced on the screens in the restaurant. Will find another charging spot and restaurant next time for sure.
arunas knabikasarunas knabikas
17:46 02 Dec 23
I have asked to clean my table because was full of stuf and the guys who worked there just ignored me ,i asked again after some while but they just smiled at me .Totaly discusting people
Usman AhmedUsman Ahmed
15:01 28 Oct 23
Washroom so dirty, do not go after eating may be you feels a vomit afterward. Lot of people but one washroom for all guest. Code operated but no soup, smell a lot and dirty. MC should update this standard and ensure clean enviorment for guest.
Thomas AndersenThomas Andersen
10:50 21 Sep 23
Absolutely filthy and disgusting McDonald’s trash all over the place no ketchup and self service machine. What a shame for the brand this McDonald’s should be shut down for good.
Emil von QualenEmil von Qualen
06:24 13 Sep 23
Had issues with the mobile app charging my bank account 4 times for one order. I went to the cashier to talk about it but he refused to even look at my phone or talk to me about it, really poor customer service. He sounded really annoyed with me for something that wasn't even my fault. Offered no guidance or anything.

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