McDonalds Borås Meny och försäljningsställen Sverige

I Borås är McDonald’s ett populärt ställe för en snabb och god måltid. McDonalds Borås erbjuder klassiska snabbmatsalternativ som hamburgare, pommes frites och shakes, vilket gör det till en favorit bland både lokalbefolkningen och besökare. Med flera restauranger i staden är McDonald’s Borås lättillgängligt och ger en smak av det välbekanta amerikanska köket i detta livliga stadsområde.

Låt oss nu ta en närmare titt på vad du kan hitta på menyn hos McDonalds Borås. De erbjuder ikoniska rätter som Big Mac med sin specialsås, den krispiga McCrispy-kycklingsmörgåsen och den smakrika Filet-O-Fish för skaldjursentusiaster. Och för dem som letar efter frukostalternativ, missa inte Mighty McMuffin. Med ett sådant utbud av välsmakande alternativ garanterar McDonald’s Borås en härlig måltid för alla kunder.

McDonalds Borås Meny

McDonald's Borås

Borås McDonalds Försäljningsställen

McDonald’s Hultagatan 11

Address: Hultagatan 11, 507 50 Borås, Sweden

McDonald's Hultagatan 11

McDonald’s Knalleland

Address: Ålgårdsvägen 2, 506 30 Borås, Sweden

McDonald's Knalleland

McDonald’s Lundaskoga

Address: Göteborgsvägen 191, 504 63 Borås, Sweden

McDonald's Lundaskoga

McDonald’s Borås Recensioner

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13:47 12 Aug 23
I got 28 cheesburgers and 4 large cokes the food was excellent
Louis van GarderenLouis van Garderen
07:01 27 Jun 22
Had coffee outside, waiting for the charge session of the car. But as many times, dirty and sticky tables. Long, long, long waiting queues. Same for the toilets. Coffe below average McD quality. Avoid.
Sheryl LindSheryl Lind
13:19 02 Jul 21
If I could give 0 I would. When we arrived there was no staff. There were 2 people working and they were outside smoking for at least 10 minutes. They didn't wash hands when they came in. The car park was covered in rubbish where the birds had been eating from multiple trays the staff had not cleared up. Should be shut down
Fredrik BroströmFredrik Broström
07:09 24 Jun 19
The food is ok but compared to other fast food restaurants in this area they have a big problem here with garbage outside. You cant stop thinking, if this is the outside then how clean is the kitchen where they make the food?I dont recommend this restaurant.(the photo is from the backside of the house I guess this is the place where the staff eats)
Cristian-Florian NitaCristian-Florian Nita
11:33 16 Jun 19
Not so good employees! They have to know more english and clean the place more often! I ate 4 times, each time dirty. After 21:00 you can pay only with card.
McDonald's Lundaskoga
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Andreas E MKAndreas E MK
08:45 04 Mar 24
Just a McDonalds and therefore basically to avoid. But it is close to a great charging station on the backside of the building and therefore good while charging. Just have a cup of coffee - the service was always OK. Alternative: spend time with shopping at City Gross on the opposite side of the parking while you car is charging 😉
Ludvig HjalmarssonLudvig Hjalmarsson
20:47 18 Nov 23
My encounters at this restaurant:- Do you want bacon with your vegetarian burger?- ordered and paid for a vegietasty, got a hamburger…- Ordered a Big Mac with mcfeast sauce, got a Big Mac with no sauce and no veggies, just bread and patty…- At least twice they forgot to pack the burger…And the list can go on… order here, but make sure to double check what you order and what you get… From a service perspective the worst McDonald’s I’ve been to…
Alona VernaAlona Verna
18:18 06 Sep 23
two weeks in a row I stop by to buy coffee and they tell me that the coffee is already closed. why doesn't coffee work every time after 20:00? What kind of free service? I stand in line to buy coffee and they tell me that the coffee is already closed. what a mess?!
11:48 06 Sep 23
Jump out off your messy car and take the extra 15 min to enjoy a happier meal in this tidy and clean joint! 🤪This establishment really run a tight ship.Clean and tidy all the way to the counter.🌟Staff not missing a single French fries lying around and really enjoying the team spirit.Not knowing what this restaurant’s secret is but here everything tastes and smells better. 😋Will come again.🤓
Leijla Barabas (Xath)Leijla Barabas (Xath)
11:48 21 Feb 23
I love nuggets and they are always crispy and fresh here. Its McDonald's, you get what you pay for. The staff is nice and the place is clean even during busy times.

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